What Members say about TheCoverPro.com

TheCoverPro equips its members with premium forecasts.  How?  Coupling weekly statistics with past historical data. 
Here are some reviews from our members about the services at TheCoverPro.com

More than doubled my money!
— Antoine - Houston, TX

Antoine - houston, tx

"I went to graduate school with one of the founders of TheCoverPro.  I do not follow professional football, but followed TheCoverPro's recommendation on the 2018 Super Bowl picks.  TheCoverPro more than doubled my money."   

“Skeptical...now a lifelong member”
— Matt - San Antonio, TX

Matt - san Antonio, tx

"I have been placing wagers on professional football for over 10 years.  When TheCoverPro sent me the 2018 Super Bowl picks and write up, I was skeptical.  But, the game went exactly as they predicted.  I am now a lifelong member."

“I am winning at 60% thanks to TCP!”
— Marc - Houston, TX

Marc - Houston, TX

"I received a flyer on TheCoverPro.com last season and didn't follow TCP guidance for the SB.  I will this year as their win percentage caught my eye."