Week 1 Results...How did we do as a new guy on the block?

Week 1 of the NFL season was something else. First and foremost…to us here at TheCoverPro.com it was a return to football, to life, to fall, and to everything that makes life good. Thank GOD we made it through another off-season and back to the one season that matters…football season.

So, if you have been following TheCoverPro, you may know a few things about us…

  1. We love football and the numbers. From our data trends to our specific stats to our information on picks and point spreads. We have it all. And we do it all for much less than some of the big clearinghouse sites that take care of every last sport. We do football and do it exceptionally well.

  2. We are the new kid on the block. We get it. Sometimes it is easy to be skeptical of the new, shiny toy. Heck, even though we killed it with last year’s Super Bowl…we understand that a new player in the football analytics world could be something to be fearful of…which leads to our next point.

  3. Have you seen our results from Week 1 of the NFL season? We don’t know if you had a chance to see our site lately…but we had a 69% win percentage from Week 1. That’s right. You read that right. Check out our 2018 results page here.

  4. Since we are new, we are giving serious football enthusiasts the first 6 weeks free with NO obligation to purchase. As a new service in the football analytics world, we had a small regional following, but wanted to bring our talents—and our projections—to the general public. To do so, we are just starting to get our name out there and one way we thought we would showcase our talents…is to give folks a free sneak peek. Enjoy Week 1 thru Week 6…FREE…from TheCoverPro! Just sign up for free and remember, there is no obligation after the free trial expires.

Have other questions? We would love to hear from you. Visit us at www.thecoverpro.com and click on contact to be in touch with us!

Enjoy Week 2 of the NFL…especially those of you who have already joined us, for free!

The guys at TheCoverPro.com