2018 HOF Game Recap and thoughts...

nfl 2018 hof.jpg

Bears vs. Ravens.  Not your super fascinating matchup, but we definitely saw some interesting story lines play out...Would Flacco play?  What about the Rookie Lamar Jackson?  Or, perhaps nothing was more interesting than the return of an electric player...  RGIII

RGIII was on the field and showing some of his skill that made him dangerous a few years back.  Will it be enough for him to make the roster when you consider that Flacco and L. Jackson are locks to make the final roster?

Then again, does it matter?  With a healthy Flacco and the traditional Ravens' defense, is this the year Baltimore goes deep in the playoffs?

Taking a look at the data trends one can see that Baltimore (who has always had a tough defense ranking in the top of the league historically over the past several years) has a particularly fascinating stat at play...points against.  Outside of the Patriots and the Eagles, no other team has had as strong a two-year history as the Ravens.  While pre-season matchups are full of meaningless stats and trends...the case for the Ravens as a team to watch this 2018 season seems solid.  

More to come this Thursday (Aug 9th) as we really kick-off the Pre-Season with a full line up of games!  

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