TheCoverPro is launched!


We are thrilled to bring the power of to the public and our members! 

The last few years we have been perfecting the algorithms, watching the trends, and testing our metrics with family and friends.  Now we know we have a product that has value and we are thrilled that it is launched!

TheCoverPro is our passion.  We absolutely enjoy professional football, but the recreational use of the data, trends, and projecting outcomes is where the idea for TheCoverPro comes in.  Wanna learn more about us?  Check out our About page.  In the next several weeks and months, be sure to check back on some of the plans we will offer those who are new to TheCoverPro.  Keep a watch on our pricing page for our specials!

This blog is one way we plan to keep connected to you, our members.  Look for more updates as we get closer to the NFL season--but in the meantime, we thought you would like to make some easy money!  Need a little cash?  Refer a friend.  If they sign up and you referred them--you get paid right afterwards!  Check out our referral page for more information.

Again, welcome to our blog.

TheCoverPro Guys