A crazy end to the week in the NFL and a strong week by TCP!

What a wild finish to Week 6 in the NFL! Certainly a GOAT moment in time for Mr. Rodgers. We all live in his neighborhood, huh?

The argument out there is Brady. Ok. Got it. He is a HOFer for sure. No one is doubting that. But really, if you were a general manager, developing a team, you may have various coaches or systems, but you have a pick for your QB in the NFL….you aren’t going with Rodgers? Really? Monday night showed, yet again, why Aaron is arguably the Greatest of All Time.

Meanwhile, TheCoverPro had a strong week. The metrics and projections are really starting to sharpen with the addition of solid 2018 season trends coupled in. This past week, Week 6, TheCoverPro went for 9 wins and 6 losses on point spread. Not bad. 60% win percentage there. Check out our 2018 results overall, here.

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Let’s recap a few other highlights from Week 6…

  • Boy oh boy is it great to be a Pittsburgh Steelers' fan. But man oh man, the Bengals and Browns seem to really suffer from Pittsburgh’s luck.

  • What a game with KC and NE. One can only wonder will we see that matchup again. What a game. NE still has it. No surprise there. They expect it.

  • How about those Texans. At 3-3, the season is still not lost. There is a hill to climb with several disruptions in place, but still they are not forgotten.

  • Minnesota, meanwhile continues to show they have life and at 3-2-1, that they have a post-season to pay for in the coming weeks.

  • And don’t sleep on the Chargers. They are quietly at 4-2 and TheCoverPro was the first to call out the Chargers—-prior to the season starting—for a magical run.

  • In other news.. the Jets pounded the Colts, Seattle did Seattle things against the Raiders, and Philly seemed to get some of its magic back against the struggling Giants.

  • And of course, we already talked about Aaron Rodgers. 49ers on the tough end of a back-breaking loss. Should be interesting to see if that loss haunts them over the next few weeks…

This continues to be the greatest game in the world and we love the analytics behind it all. Enjoy Week 7!

The Guys at TheCoverPro.com