Week 1 Results...How did we do as a new guy on the block?

Week 1 of the NFL season was something else. First and foremost…to us here at TheCoverPro.com it was a return to football, to life, to fall, and to everything that makes life good. Thank GOD we made it through another off-season and back to the one season that matters…football season.

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Week 3 - Preseason Review

PHI @ CLE - This was a rather uneventful game.  With a score of 0-5, there was not a lot to cheer for.  The only real thing to comment on was the scare of Tyrod Taylor hurting his hand.  It was a nasty looking fall, but he returned later in the game.

NYG @ NYJ - Eli played some meaningful minutes, but he QB rating was still below 100.  This should be a trend throughout the season.  And, Darnold continues to look good, but this is the preseason.

DEN @ WSH - Welcome back Peterson.  He rushed for an avg of 5.1 yds per carry and looked great.  But, he also showed flashes last year.  Keenum played solid with the 1's and Kelly looked decent.  But the real story is Lynch, who is now third string and playing terrible.  Don't be surprised if DEN gives up on him.

NE @ CAR - Again, not much to talk about with NE.  They never show anything, however they do keep cutting WR.  This week it was Britt.  CAR suffered a scare with Cam briefly going down early, but he returned to the game.  Don't expect to see him play until the season opener.

DET @ TB - I am really not sure what to talk about on this game.  Maybe a 21 pt comeback by the DET, but it is the preseason and it was done by guys who are likely to be cut.  So, does it really matter?

SEA @ Min - Cousins passed for a lot of yards, but it did not translate into leading the game.  SEA showed that an offensive line is desperately needed.

GB @ OAK - This game is another one in which there is not a lot to talk about.  Carr made a brief appearance in the game and lit it up on 3 passes and then he was gone.  Rogers did not play.  So, nothing else matters.

KC @ CHI - I cannot figure out KC yet.  The KC 1's struggled against the CHI 2's.  Ang Mahomes had big numbers, but struggled at times.  I think this could be a roller coaster season for them.

TEN @ PIT - Big Ben played a little and looked great.  PIT will be hard to beat this year.  They have Super Bowl written all over them.  Analytics show TEN being a borderline playoff team.  It will be difficult with the Texans and Indy having QB's back in the mix this year.

SF @ IND - All you need to know about this game is that Luck is back and looking good.  He alone will will Indy 3 games this year.

ATL @ JAX - Ryan looked terrible for ATL, and Bortles looked terrible.  I can see Bortles struggling in the preseason, but Ryan?  You have way to much offensive talent for that.

BAL @ MIA - Jackson looked good at QB for BAL as did Tannehill for MIA.  However, MIA is in deep trouble if Tannehill goes down which seems to be a reoccurring problem.  I see Osweiler and a top 3 pick in the 2019 draft for MIA.

NO @ LAC - Mostly backups in this game.  Brees and Rivers played briefly, but did not show a lot.  They are both proven and will lead their teams to the playoffs.

CIN @ BUF - Allen looked bad, but his offensive line looked worse.  If he does not have enough time to throw, BUF will wish they had a mobile Taylor at QB.  CIN Ross looks to be a great compliment to Green.  Too bad, Dalton is throwing them the ball.

ARI @ DAL - The Cowboys did not start anyone worth watching on Offense.  And Rush, is not a very good second string.  If Dak goes down, look for a high draft pick in the Cowboys future.  ARI is getting a lot of preseason turnovers, but it is preseason.  Lets see if a trend is starting.

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Week 2 - Preseason Review

Phi@NE - The major news in this game was the loss of Nick Foles for a few weeks.  He should be ready for the opener and the Eagles dodged a huge bullet with this injury.  With Wentz out for the near future, the Eagles cannot lose Foles.

NYJ@WSH - Two games and two running backs down for Washington.  Luckily for Washington, Perine should be back soon.  For NYJ, it looks like they may have found a really good QB in Darnold.  Lets hope the Jets do not rush him.

PIT@GB - It is hard to gauge the progress of PIT because they are not playing key starters, but they should be fine.  GB and Kizer looked good, but this is the preseason and he will not be the QB.

KC@ATL - For KC, Mahomes looked better this week, but so did Henne.  Let's hope that KC will not regret getting rid of Smith.  The ATL offense seems to have found another great receiver in Ridley.

NYG@Det - No Manning playing and NYG scores a win, however most of the points came in the second half.  However, could this be foreshadowing.  The TPC just does not have a lot of faith in Det.  Hopefully they prove us wrong.

BUF@CLE - This was a great game to watch if you are looking to see the future of the NFL.  Maybe.  Allen and Mayfield had their moments, but neither looks like a starter.  However, with McCarron going down, Allen may be thrust into the role.

MIA@CAR - Good luck Miami, you are on your way to the #1 pick in the draft.  Other than a long run by McCaffrey, the CAR played its typical game.  They will only go as far as Newton's accuracy will take them.

ARI@NO - Is Kirk the replacement in ARI for Fitzgerald?  He is off to a good start.  NO just showed that the team is Brees.  They have to have him.

JAX@MIN - Jags are playing a lot of Bortles for the preseason.  He needs it.  MIN needs the season to start with 6 guys going down with injuries.

OAK@LAR - OAK made a late push, but it is obvious they are not in the same class as the Rams.

CIN@DAL - Dalton looked pretty mediocre.  They are not changing the thoughts that Marvin Lewis is probably not going to be there next year.  Dallas may have lost Martin for the year.  This will have a big effect of Elliott running the ball.

SF@HOU - Garoppolo looked good.  Watson looked good.  No need to elaborate.

TB@TEN - Winston finally came to a game to play.  Can he do it next week?  And can he do it in the regular season?  Looks like TEN will be the same team as last year.

CHI@DEN - Lynch is going to be run out of DEN fast and Mr Irrelevant, Kelley looks to be a savior.