1. How often do you produce your research and findings?

We will upload our weekly results on Thursday of each week to our subscribers for the Regular Season and Playoffs.  We will wait till Thursday each week because game changing variables may be revealed in the days leading up to the game.  We will always produce our results prior to Thursday games.

2. What if you cannot produce a high winning percentage one week?

The goal of our analytics is to be able to increase your value of a professional football game. This value will vary from week to week. The value should be measured at the end of the year and not on a week to week basis.  We understand a bad week or two can be a downer, but we are confident that our projections and analytics will leave you smiling for the year.  Our historical win rate over time is greater than 60% and we plan on helping you beat the odds!

3. Can I receive a refund if you do not meet my expectation?

Unfortunately, all sales are final. Since most of our offerings are on a multi-game purchase, we give ample opportunity for one to utilize the results.

4. Will you email the results or post them on the website?

All weekly projections will be posted on the website. We will make exceptions on a case by case basis.

5. Do you only provide results for professional football?

At this time, we only produce results for professional football. We do have plans to expand into other sports in the future based on demand.

6. Can I purchase or view your statistics?

Yes. Many of our statistics will be available to view for our members. will provide the statistics in differing formats based on a case by case basis for a cost.

7.  How does the referral program work?

Referral Payout:

$50 for a full season referral

$25 for a 1/2 season referral

$10 for a weekly referral

When a new user signs up, a "How did you hear about us" field is available to the new member.  The new member will need to fill in your name and email address.  After a successful payment transaction has been made for the subscription, TheCoverPro will send you a payment via Paypal to the email address listed within 3 days.  Its that easy.  Visit our referral page today!

8.  Do I have to be a member of TheCoverPro to receive referral money?

 You do not have to be a member of TheCoverPro to receive the referral money.  We appreciate everyone who helps us.

9. Other questions?

Visit our contact us page and we will respond within 24-48hrs to your questions, suggestions, or concerns!