TheCoverPro.com is a group of individuals who love the challenge of beating the odds.  We use analytics as a way to enhance the entertainment of a professional football game.  We do this through analytics and historical data research. Our main goal is to correctly predict a professional football game point spread and over/under score with a high win percentage. We are confident that our results can be used in various ways to enhance your values and football experience.

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One of the best ways to learn about us is to see what we do.  Here are some examples from the 2017-18 NFL Season


TheCoverPro.com founders are business and educational professionals who have a passion for football. 


Beat the odds.  Our mission is not to make money on a football game, but to correctly predict the outcome of a game for our members.  


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Big games + Smart Data = Bigger Results!


We use over 350 professional football statistics to predict the future here at TheCoverPro.com to assist our customers.  We use a wide variety of statistics to analyze and predict the outcome of professional football games. The statistics range from passing, rushing, scoring, weather, stadium, interceptions, players, injuries, penalties, etc.  Our analytical results will produce a win percentage based on the home team vs the point spread and over/under.  This win percentage will typically range from 20% to 80%.